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Enter the De-Glutennizer!

There are some days when my thoughts become consumed with food, especially if I'm eating out. Most people eat when they're stressed. I am more likely to be stressed about eating. Questions flood my mind. What has that spoon touched? Did the person preparing the food wash their hands? Are they really being as careful with my order as they promised they would be? Then the questions begin to flow into everyday activities. Did the kid I'm teaching in dance class just eat a cookie? Is gluten all over their hands? How clean is this counter? Did I step on a crumb and drag gluten into the house? The mental game can become not only terrifying but exhausting!

I'll be the first to admit that I'm hyper aware about my food. I have to be or else I'm sick for weeks, stuck with headaches, super fatigued, or covered in rashes. That being said I often have to stop myself from letting these fears keep me from being happy and enjoying life. Sometimes its hard. This is when I turn to Anthony for some humor.

On Christmas Eve Anthony had gone to his parents house to prepare the traditional 7 fishes dinner Italian Style. This involves a lot of shellfish, flour, bread crumbs, and pasta. He wanted to make sure my food was safe so we planned for me to stay home to prepare my meal separately for later that evening. (*NOTE: Anthony is truly a gem. Always watches out for me and takes extra caution to make sure I am safe mentally, physically or otherwise. I am truly blessed.) When he came home from cooking at his parents he gave his usual response when coming in contact with gluten, "Don't touch me or kiss me. I'm covered in gluten." I smiled knowing that this could be a huge problem for some relationships and I reveled in how lucky I was to have found such an amazing person. What happened next was just pure bliss.

I gave my usual response to him, "Thanks, I know this is hard." He went on to say, "Cat its no big deal. We create our own normal. Hell, I'll invent a de-glutennizer!" I couldn't help but burst out laughing. Anthony then began mimicking what that would entail. He acted out stepping into a machine, did a spin around while making some bleep noises (imagine the sound the tv teleport machine makes in Willy Wonky), stepped out and announced "You are now de-glutenized." I laughed. It felt good to smile about it. He then when on to act out what our future kids would do upon returning home from school. "Ok little Anthony , its time to de-glutenize!" He then began acting out what our kids would do. I was rolling on the floor!

The moral of the story? It's ok to be a little cautious but don't let it suck the joy out of you. Make sure you surround yourself with people who can make you laugh and remind you that you are "normal" (whatever that means). Have a great week and remember to smile, laugh, and enjoy your awesome life!

PS But seriously, wouldn't a de-glutenizer be cool? I'll keep you posted on our progress with one.

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