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The Truth About My Journey With The Body Ecology Diet

It's been a really long time since I've posted here. Some of it was because life's been very busy. A lot of it has been because I've been afraid. I'm afraid of disappointing you, my tried and true readers. I've received so many wonderful messages over the last 3 years since starting the Body Ecology Diet that I'm an inspiration and that my blog has helped you to stay on track and commit to your health. I was afraid that if I wrote that I've been struggling lately that you would be disappointed. I haven't abandoned my beliefs about the wonders of this lifestyle at all. In fact I believe in it 100%. After my wedding 2 1/2 months ago, I had a lot of emotional baggage come up. I'm so happy in my marriage and have the best husband in the world but I no longer have the distraction of wedding planning to keep me distracted from really dealing with my issues; issues that go beyond food. You see Body Ecology taught me that this whole adventure is a mind/…

Spring Cleaning and Key Lime Pie!

It's been quite a while since I've had a moment to sit down and blog. I'm happy to say it's all good things keeping me busy. My dance company Aries In Flight has had 3 performances in the last month and I'm busy making connections and working on a coaching program for dancers as well. I will say at the end of the day I love having this space to share my thoughts, recipes, and stories with you all so thank you for your constant feedback and support.

I've had a lot to contemplate and think about both health-wise and professionally speaking this winter. I rearranged my work schedule in January and began really pushing full force with my dance company. In so many ways this all so thrilling, exciting, and wonderful; in others ways it is utterly frightening. What I mean is that taking your dream and really making it a reality brings up some crazy thoughts. Will people like me? Am I crazy for thinking this way? Am I making the biggest mistake of my life? I've had…

A Gluten Free Valentine's Day Recap

Valentine's Day. A day full of love, dinner, and lots of chocolate. Before I was diagnosed with severe Gluten Sensitivity and a host of food allergies this holiday was an easy no brainer and my fiance would surprise me with chocolate galore and dinner at a nice restaurant, often with a prix fixe menu. While it require a bit more planning and preparation, I have to say this Valentine's Day was a sweet sweet success.

About 2 weeks before Valentine's Day Anthony and I realized that for the first time in about 3 years we were both off from work on Valentine's night so we decided to make dinner reservations. Most of my former go to places were only offering a prix fixe menu that did not allow for substitutions of any kind. Enter Portobello Cafe and my dilemma was solved. When I called to inquire about reservations the hostess was happy to answer all my food related questions and told me that they would be happy to accommodate my dietary needs. (Side note: I've eaten at…

People Tolerance

When people hear about my food allergies and severe gluten intolerance I often get looked at like I'm some kind of alien. It often provokes questions about my lifestyle and I'm happy to oblige in their education on the seriousness of these issues. Sometimes it leads them to say, "Wow I had no idea. I admire you for having to deal with all that." Other times it has the opposite effect. "So you SERIOUSLY can't even touch it? I think you're overreacting." "No wonder you're so thin, you can't eat anything." "Oh I try to avoid gluten too, but it doesn't really bother me. I mean it doesn't really hurt you."

As an adult I can be confident in knowing my condition is real no matter what anyone else thinks. (I also have an amazing fiancee who will vouch for that from personal expereince.) I'm very much ok with bringing my own food places, having to carefully select a restaurant when dining out, and not eating if I don&…

Enter the De-Glutennizer!

There are some days when my thoughts become consumed with food, especially if I'm eating out. Most people eat when they're stressed. I am more likely to be stressed about eating. Questions flood my mind. What has that spoon touched? Did the person preparing the food wash their hands? Are they really being as careful with my order as they promised they would be? Then the questions begin to flow into everyday activities. Did the kid I'm teaching in dance class just eat a cookie? Is gluten all over their hands? How clean is this counter? Did I step on a crumb and drag gluten into the house? The mental game can become not only terrifying but exhausting!

I'll be the first to admit that I'm hyper aware about my food. I have to be or else I'm sick for weeks, stuck with headaches, super fatigued, or covered in rashes. That being said I often have to stop myself from letting these fears keep me from being happy and enjoying life. Sometimes its hard. This is when I turn…

The Cultured Life

Cultured foods seem to be all the rage these days. From kimchi to sauerkraut to kefir, these foods are quickly becoming the rock stars of the nutrition world. I knew next to nothing about these wonderful foods a few years back. I actually discovered The Body Ecology Diet by accidentally stumbling across these foods. My health improvement had come to a halt after going gluten free so I began a pinterest search for green smoothies. Instead of green smoothies several cultured vegetable pins popped up. I was intrigued so I began to search a little more and before I knew it I was reading the free preview version of Donna Gate's Body Ecology Diet. I soon discovered that these healing foods would become the cornerstone of my improving health.

So what exactly are fermented foods? Well, to sum it up shortly, they are foods that are jam packed with probiotics as a result of a food preserving process called fermentation. The most basic form would be to mash up some cabbage, salt and water, …