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Christmas Gifts For You

This holiday season I began to take a good hard look at my life and actively began seeking more peace. I began by going away the day after Thanksgiving and re-prioritizing my life goals. You see in the hustle and bustle of working my day job, running my dance company, planning a wedding, and trying to make people happy, I forgot the most important thing in life: self-love. I forgot to love my inner being and allow myself to experience the things I truly value in life. Since Thanksgiving I've actively cut back my schedule to allow myself time and space to work on me. This Christmas morning, I wish to give you the same gift. Here is how you can create and experience the life you deserve.

1.  Make affirmations and mantras a part of your everyday life. I've been reading Louise Hay's book You Can Heal Your Life for a little over a year now. This Thanksgiving I gifted myself the workbook journal that goes a long with it and finally began doing the exercises. WOW is all I can say…