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Angels and Healing

This post was written last Thursday afternoon. I haven't felt comfortable sharing most of this information till now, but now I'm finding it very freeing. Thanks for reading and I hope I can inspire you to keep on with your current journey. 

This has been a frustrating year health-wise for me. After finding the Body Ecology Diet and feeling so good for a while I had a bit of a relapse with my health. (I am not speaking about my diet, I still follow BED religiously.) I have actively chosen not to  write about this experience thus far out of   fear, a little bit of self-pity, and a lot of not wanting to deal with it. However, the universe sent me a very special message and inspired me to write to you all about what's been going on in my life.

I started not feeling well again about a year ago. I got glutened accidentally while out for dinner one night and began feeling extremely fatigued, achy everywhere, getting headaches, and having tummy troubles again. By Christmas I seemed to have things mostly back on track, but did notice I had gotten a little "puffy" and put on about 5 pounds. I told myself it my body compensating for the very cold weather we were having, but in reality I could see and feel that things were not right. In January I started experiencing tummy trouble again, this time a little worse than a few months before. In addition I started developing a rash on my right ring finger. In late February/early March I went back to my naturopath when I couldn't get the symptoms to clear. After a few sessions of  testing we discovered that I was reacting to dairy. So I took out the ghee and kefir and while my stomach cleared up, the rash was still there and was now moving onto my arm. While away for my 30th birthday my stomach started no longer tolerating eggs. Since the rash was not getting better, I had my naturopath do a full food testing on me and we discovered eggs, fennel, coconut, and powdered stevia were also a problem. I was also beginning to experience extreme fatigue again and was having trouble with my menstrual cycle. So I upped my stress relief techniques, took out all the foods, and lotioned up 3x a day with coconut oil.

The rash seemed to be under control but in July it began acting up again along with my mentsrual cycle. It was spreading on to both the top of my hand and on my palm. I began using every anti-inflammatory remedy I knew to no avail. The rash continued to spread and in September it tested positive as being viral related. It has vanished and come back full force 3 times over the last month and I had had it. It was embarrassing, annoying, painful, itchy, and made me feel so self-conscious. It was also now on my neck and I had dance students of mine asking what was wrong with me. Talk about feeling fed up with a non-cooperative body!

I started seeing a functional doctor last week in addition to my naturopath. I also started seeing a new GYN who believes in a holistic approach. This morning I had 20 tubes of blood drawn for 2 separate prescriptions (one from the functional doc and one from the GYN). I also went to see a dermatologist to find out exactly what the rash was so my functional doc could treat it properly; that's where the universe decided to send me a message today.

After the dermatologist determined that it was just a very severe case of eczema, she was reading through my paper work and noticed that I adjunct at Monmouth University. She thought her clinician's son went there and went to ask her. She brought back a women who I knew and hadn't seen in at least 7 years. It was the mother of a former tutoring student of mine and we reunited with joyful hugs and began to catch up. She thanked me for all of my help with her daughter while she was struggling in school and told me her daughter is now a successful nursing professional going for another certification upgrade. I was so proud and happy to hear I had affected someone in such a positive way. I have fond memories of this family and am so happy the universe reconnected us. We are now connected again through social media and I feel so blessed to have walked into that doctor's office today. This is when I know everything happens for a reason.

While I'm still not feeling 100%, I am definitely on my way to figuring out part 2 of my health journey. In all of this I've learned that even when we're feeling crummy, the universe has angels waiting to remind us that there is a plan. I feel I was meant to walk into that doctor's office today. So when you're feeling like giving up or just really frustrated lookup; there's always an angel waiting to remind you it's all going to be ok.


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