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Happy Thanksgiving: An Attitude of Gratitude

Thanksgiving is a time of year when we reflect upon what we're most grateful for. We celebrate with family, friends, and will sometimes find a moment to ourselves to just be one with the holiday spirit filling the air. We think of images like warm fireplaces, mugs of warm tea, and snuggling with those we love. This is all great and nostalgic, but what happens if we don't feel this way?

I am and always have been very sensitive to stress and often while everyone's work schedule is winding down around this time of year, mine is revving up. I dive straight from Thanksgiving into winter recitals, end of semester grading, and then right into a multitude of family events. I have a hard time setting boundaries for myself, my limits, and often feel more burnt out during this holiday season than full of love, joy and gratitude. This year with all it's ups and downs has taught me that I really need to listen to my inner guidance, know when enough is enough, and make time for res…

Autumn Harvests

I am a self-proclaimed summer chic. I much prefer warm sunny days over the cold chilly winter days that accompany the upcoming holiday season. That being said, there is one thing I do love about this time of year and that's the autumn harvest! My favorite squashes are in full bloom and I can't get enough of them. They're warming, a little sweet, and in my opinion nature's own organic comfort food. I mean seriously nature was cool enough to give us a "pasta" plant ready for you to mix up with your favorite sauce! (If you haven't experienced spaghetti squash, I suggest you get your hands on one immediately. No boiling water required and you can even use the "skin" as a bowl!)

So what are the different types? Here's a list of my favorites!
Delicata squash. It almost looks like a multi-colored cucumber (except with a much firmer exterior). I have made both savory and sweet dishes with this deliciously versatile squash! If you haven't cut up …

Angels and Healing

This post was written last Thursday afternoon. I haven't felt comfortable sharing most of this information till now, but now I'm finding it very freeing. Thanks for reading and I hope I can inspire you to keep on with your current journey. 

This has been a frustrating year health-wise for me. After finding the Body Ecology Diet and feeling so good for a while I had a bit of a relapse with my health. (I am not speaking about my diet, I still follow BED religiously.) I have actively chosen not to  write about this experience thus far out of   fear, a little bit of self-pity, and a lot of not wanting to deal with it. However, the universe sent me a very special message and inspired me to write to you all about what's been going on in my life.

I started not feeling well again about a year ago. I got glutened accidentally while out for dinner one night and began feeling extremely fatigued, achy everywhere, getting headaches, and having tummy troubles again. By Christmas I seeme…