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30, Flirty, and Fun!

So I started writing this post on April 17, the day before my 30th birthday. I'm definitely a little behind on this one, but it's been on my mind a lot. Enjoy :) Enjoying my birthday cake with the coolest candle ever! Turning 30, it's something I never gave much thought to nor did I anticipate it coming. It's always seemed really far away. In all honesty, I imagined it to be a place I would never get to. It's arrived however and while I thought it would be very strange, I'm feeling rather great about it. Before I get into the whole story, let me give you some background information. I've never been fond of my birthday. In fact I can even remember dreading it when I was much younger. It always felt ominous, foreboding, and like something terrible was going to happen. There are a multitude of personal reasons for this (saving that topic for a much further time in the future to discuss) why I've felt this way. I also have never dealt well with

Fourth of July Weekend Recap with Recipes!

Summertime celebrations are by far my favorite part of summer. Being by the pool, laughing and talking with loved ones, and just relaxing offer me a chance to recharge and let go. I had the most relaxing and rejuvenating weekend I've had in a long time and feel so recharged for the week. I got to experience my Goddaughter Leah's first big pool experience, spend everyday outside poolside, and really just enjoy some intimate time with Anthony. I also got to have a fantastic breakfast with my other Maid of Honor and BFF Mary. Her, her husband Frank and their son Christopher live in Pittsburgh and happened to be in New York for the holiday. We had a great time catching up and just enjoying some face time together. There was so much love around me this weekend and I feel so blessed to have such amazing people in my life. It was a great way to say Happy Birthday America! Fourth of July with my BFF/Maid of Honor/Sister In Law Theresa and my beautiful Goddaughter! Leah's fi