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Top 5 Body Ecology Diet Questions


I received this beautiful message on Friday morning. To whoever anonymous is, I would love to connect with you more and offer you a spot at an upcoming food tasting I'm planning. If you are reading this, please message me directly at I am so grateful to all those who read my blog and find inspiration. More importantly your messages inspire me to keep going on my own journey and keep writing. Friday was a particularly tough day for me personally and this message helped keep me grounded and calm. So Anonymous, thank you for sharing your kind words and for making my Friday a beautiful day.

My Body Ecology Diet 1 year Anniversary was May 4 (yes I'm a little behind on the blogging). I haven't had much time to reflect on my success with it over the past year and today I want to share some of what I've learned and hopefully inspire you to keep going. Here are the top 5 questions I get asked all the time.

1. Is BED hard? I can't lie about this one, the first 3 days of this lifestyle were pretty rough. Hello detox time! I had headaches, I was cranky, and very emotional (thank God for my fiancĂ© Anthony and his love and patience). After those initial 3 days though my body surged with energy and I really felt like a fog had been lifted. From that point on the hardest thing about BED is keeping yourself organized (see this POST on how to stay organized). Going out requires a little more legwork and prep but the fantastic way I feel now far outweighs the convenience factor. So is it hard? My answer is a resounding NO; for me it's a matter of feeling great versus feeling like crap.

2. How do you manage going out? This one is all about staying organized. If we're talking about going to a restaurant, I was already used to doing some legwork and research prior to eating out because of my gluten intolerance. This part hasn't changed much. I usually scour the menu prior to arriving at the restaurant and call ahead if I have questions (for me this is usually gluten related). Often I get a salad and a protein (usually fish), no dressing and lemon wedges and olive oil on the side. If I'm not in the mood for salad I look at the seafood section and order double veggies instead of the usual starch and veggies. I've had a lot of luck at vegan restaurants with quinoa and vegetable dishes. The key is to be very clear about what you want and not feel guilty about your choices. I've been dealing with dietary issues for quite some time and if you're at a good restaurant they are happy to accommodate you. If you get any push back from waiters, managers, or cooks that doesn't feel good, then maybe that restaurant isn't where you want to go back to (I have a few on my list). What about the cultured veggies? I eat them before I get to the restaurant or right after we leave.

3. What about family and friends events? Either at someone's house or a catering hall? If I'm going to a family party I usually bring a dish or 2 (we share the cooking in my family) and consult with my mom who also follows BED. My friends are also very accommodating and are very open to menu discussion with me. At first it may seem awkward or you may feel you are imposing on friends/family with all these questions but keep in mind that this is about YOUR health. I always offer to bring my own food (and often do) if there aren't any menu options that work for me. And if I can eat what they are making (yippee!) I just bring my cultured veggies with me.

4. If you don't drink alcohol, do you still have fun? Is it awkward?  This is the topic that always gets discussed when I'm out. I used to be everyone's drinking buddy when they were having a bad day and not that I drank to excess, but I was a social drinker. When I stopped drinking I felt such a difference that I knew there would be no turning back (I had been feeling really crappy after a single drink for a long time and now know for sure that alcohol does not agree with me). A lot of my friends worried that I wouldn't have as much fun but to be quite honest I had MORE fun out dancing and socializing because I felt AMAZING and not sick from the alcohol. I always carry my liquid stevia with me and my social drink is now sparkling water with lime and stevia. It looks just like a gin and tonic (my old drink of choice) and it's bubbly and fun. I also keep a liquid tea extract on me in case we are eating and drinking. For me it's not awkward and I have a ton more fun without the hangover. Yes, I get asked about this still a year later but if you don't make it a big deal no one else will.

5. Dessert? Are there ANY options? I happily say YES to this one. It takes a bit of planning and experimenting but I have several options posted here on my Recipe Page. Stevia makes a great sugar substitute, quinoa flakes can replace flour, and try your imagination can dream up! I'm in the process of remaking a lot of my dessert recipes due to new food sensitivities but my go to dessert when I'm out is hot peppermint tea with a dash of stevia. It totally brings back memories of after dinner mints and peppermint patties and will quickly satisfy your sweet tooth.

If ever you doubt yourself in this process or feel really frustrated, embarrassed, or like you'll be destined to a life of solitude, remember that it's all how you feel. Are you feeling great health wise? Do you have more energy? Are you symptoms clearing up? YAY YOU! Share your new found knowledge and go out, dance, socialize, and have FUN. Your true friends will support you and know that it's not about what you eat, it's about being there to support and love each other. Love and support are 2 menu items we all can eat, enjoy, and share together.

What are the tough questions people seem to ask you about BED or any diet change you've had to make due to health reasons? Post them in the comments and I'll happily send you favorite strategies to deal with them. Have a wonderful day and remember to celebrate all the joy and love you have! 

Recipe: BED Cocktail
6-8 oz sparkling mineral water (I prefer Gerolsteiner available at Trader Joes)
1/2 lime cut into wedges
4-6 drops liquid stevia or to taste

Squeeze the lime wedges into an empty glass (use your favorite pretty one). Add stevia and swirl it with the lime juice. Slowly pour in the mineral water and stir lightly to mix. Sip and enjoy!


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