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Spring Cleaning: Coming out of the Dark and Into The Light

Awareness. Agitation. A million tiny thoughts. Buzzing around. I don't feel good enough. I want to do more but I'm feeling stuck, as if my as are chained by people wanting to silence me.

I imagine many of us feel these thoughts at some point in our life. The ability to overcome them and just recognize what they are, just thoughts, is what sets our minds and lives free once more. 

When I was performing and auditioning full time I used to get these thoughts a lot right around this time of year. No matter how many call backs I got or gigs I booked I would always feel that someone else in the room was holding me back from doing more, getting the lead, or performing the way I truly wanted to. I strived to be what these "others" wanted me to be, not what I truly wanted to be. 

Life and experience has taught me that we take many journeys to learn what our true self is. I now have a clearer view of what my purpose is and know exactly I want to do. I know that I want to create positive healthy lives for those around me and myself. I am working towards a career that combines my message in the outlets of writing, cooking, yoga, and dance. I'm happy where it's going.

Know that if you're struggling right now with these dark, anxious thoughts that it will be ok. Thoughts are just stories we create in our minds (a beautiful reminder from my sister in law). Reality is a beautiful place, just let it be. But how can you get to this place?

Spring is a great time to cleanse physically and emotionally. Spring is a time of beautiful new creations, new life, and in my opinion is time to reset all the elegant pizzazz in your life. Here is how I let nature take over and remind me how great and exciting life is.

Go outside! Whether it be your front porch or park bench find some sunshine and let your body absorb it's glowing warmth. You'll get a healthy dose of vitamin D and you can feel the arms of Mother Earth wrapping you with love. Focus on your breath, journal, sip a cool drink, and feel how good life is.

Get crafty in the kitchen. You can't feel good if you're not fueling your body with good wholesome food. With spring comes a slew of vegetables and fruits ready to nourish us with their positive energy. Feel free to try new things, experiment with flavors, and make something you feel good about. The sky is the limit! Check out my recipes for yummy inspirations :)

Give yourself plenty of me time. Unplug from technology, turn off the TV and indulge in meditation, yoga, dancing, nature walks, writing, whatever floats your boat. Give yourself time to listen to what your soul needs and find ways to make it joyful again. If you have to opportunity to get away for a few days, I highly recommend it. Give yourself time to just be with your thoughts and discover what's missing and how you can live a fulfilled life.

Surround yourself with positive and supportive people. Remember the saying misery loves company? Well so does gratitude and positivity! If you keep a core group of like minded people who will be there to support you in positive ways it will be much easier to change your state of mind. These people help you see the positive instead of focusing on the negative. They are there to lift you up and see the bright side when you're not so sure it exists. If you notice that most of your inner circle is not supporting you in a positive it may be time to take a break from them; its ok to know what relationships are healthy for you and which ones aren't. 

I leave with this message: Trust and Believe in yourself. Be inspired and decide today is the day to make great things happen. Namaste.


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