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Gluten Free Body Ecology Garlic Bread: Overcoming The Desires of Perfectionism

I've been a little behind on my blog posts as of late. In that time I became a Godmother/Aunt to beautiful baby Leah Ann; the joy and love I feel for her is unreal! She is the definition of a perfect beautiful baby ready to take on the world.

Despite this joyous event I've been struggling quite a bit emotionally lately. I've let anxiety consume many moments, sadness replace any ounce of joy, and I've fallen trap to judging myself all to often. Perfection; it's something I've been striving for most of my life. Since I was a child I believed that if I could fool the world into believing that I had a perfect life if I could complete any task perfectly I would make the world believe I was perfect and lovable. Did you notice how I equate perfection with my lovability? Even as I write this statement my inner self looks at me and says, "Sweetie, this makes no sense and it's killing you. This is too stressful for anyone, even Superman!"
My deep seeded des…