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Respect and Love Yourself: Reflections On a Snow Day

We have another snow storm here in NY today and as I look outside my window I see a swirling storm of white and grey. When I turn on the news I see a news caster standing in Columbus Circle, covered in snow looking as if she is about to be blown over. Her report? It's very bad out but we have some troopers who are making it in to work today, good for them! This statement made my head spin; it seems we now live in a culture where we praise those who risk their lives for a buck. I was shocked and I turned to my fiance´ and said, "What is wrong with our culture?"

As someone who works with children I am told to teach Safety First. In today's society we listen to stories daily about helicopter parents who hover over their child's every move to ensure that "nothing bad will happen to them." So why is it that we praise adults for braving the elements of mother nature during weather emergencies? They win a gold medal for getting to work to keep our materialist…