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Miami Adventures: Traveling Gluten Free

Last week was full of adventures and meeting new people. I traveled to Miami for the 2013 National Dance Education Organization National Conference and presented a poster presentation entitled Interpreting Bob Fosse for Beginning Theater Dance Students. To prepare I knew I had to plan ahead with some of my food options and figure out how keep my body from stressing itself out. I know it sounds silly to most people but travel really takes a toll on my system. I don't sleep as well, my eating schedule is different, and I don't want to go into too much detail but my digestive system will get all confused. I'm not sure why I'm so sensitive to environment changes but I do know that I need to be as prepared as possible to ease the stress response my body loves to manifest.

I started drinking Coconut Kefir on a regular basis back in July and the way it makes me feel can only be described as happy. When I started drinking the kefir I noticed my sleep habits improved, my stomac…

It's OK, It's Gluten Free!

There has been a lot of activity on Twitter and in the circle of the gluten free community lately on the subject of the Gluten Free products and marketing. There has also been a lot of buzz about gluten-free being the new fad diet. I have mixed issues on both subjects but I've noticed that my wheat-alert ears are highly perked lately. Why you may ask? Here's what's been happening.

A few twitter accounts that I follow have been on a campaign to spread the word that having a wheat allergy or having celiac's is not a fad diet and is not a choice for those of us who suffer. I am with them 100% on this point. In the past year since my diagnosis I have encountered people who say, "It can't be that bad," or "It's all in your head." I suffered for years with migraines, constant sickness, body aches, brain fog, and overwhelming tiredness that made me feel as if there was something really wrong with me and that I must be crazy. Last November I accide…

Making Changes and Moving Up

This week has been a week full of inspiration, creativity, excitement and epiphanies. I have had some major clarifications arise for my dance company and will be unveiling a completely new branding in a few weeks. For the first time in my life my purpose feels so clear and I'm really excited! I can't wait to share all the details with you :-)

I read a really great ebook this week called Finance Your Dance by Ashani Mfuko. If you are looking for any kind of help with your business plan, clarifying your goals, or learning how to maximize your profits, I highly recommend this book. Her ideals about the arts truly resonate with me. She believes that the dance world (I would say the arts in general) need to stop talking about how we're poor starving artists and do something about it. Just because we're artists does not mean we deserve to work for free nor that we should suffer from financial insecurity. I for one have felt this way my entire career and have been working tow…

Fall Into The Kitchen: A Week of Recipes (Gluten Free and Body Ecology)

This week I've been making my happy time in the kitchen. My schedule has been a little busy so I haven't been coming up with too many recipes lately but this week I did get a chance to make some yummy treats. Something has changed for me about cooking; its become therapeutic where as it used to intimidate me. I used to joke that my fiance always did all the cooking but now when people ask he shocks them by saying I cook a lot more now than I did before. Changing my lifestyle has opened up my mind to all the creative things you can do in the kitchen. It's a lot of fun trying out new ideas and perfecting them so they taste just right. Even after a long day, spending some time making a delicious meal in the kitchen relaxes me. I never thought I would say that. Nor would I ever think I would say cooking is fun. I guess what's changed is that the food in the kitchen isn't making me sick anymore.

Here are a few recipes I've tried out this week.

Smashed Potatoes (This…

Sunday Fun-Day with a side of French Toast!

What a wonderful Sunday I had today! The weekend started off great as I can officially announce I am the new Musical Theater Workshop Instructor for the Harkness Dance Center at The 92nd Street Y. I'm so excited to be teaching an age group I prefer (12-18) and working at such a historically well known company.

I started off this morning with a delicious new breakfast recipe I discovered. I really wanted French Toast (not BED) so I looked in the fridge to see what I had. The result was out of this world spectacular! What's even better is its egg free, gluten free, and can easily be made dairy free. Here's the recipe:

1 cup of millet soaked
3 cups of water
sea salt
Stevia Powder (I used Trader Joe's organic stevia powder)
ghee* (to make dairy free/vegan use coconut oil)
*Ghee is Casein and Lactose free as it is clarified butter with all the milk solids removed. 

Putting It Together:
1. Prep the millet at least the night before. Bring 3 cups of water …

Trusting Your Instincts: Believing In Healing Yourself

What a great week it turned out to be last week! I made some huge headway towards where I want my career to go, finally got back in the kitchen, and am beginning to feel more centered since having my epiphany last week.  It's rewarding to know that I've come so far in the last year.

Some yummy meals I made this past week :-)

This month marks 1 year and 2 months since my wheat allergy diagnosis. I've never felt more grateful in my life for where I am health wise. Today I want to share with you my journey.

As a young child (about 5 or 6) I began experiencing major headaches, always had an eczema rash, and had been dairy free since being diagnosed as a baby. I remember complaining to my teachers about headaches and they thought I was just shy and not wanting to participate. In truth I was really suffering. My parents began taking me to various doctors; the pediatrician, eye doctor, chiropractors, but no one could diagnose what was going on with me. They made some guesses but n…