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Unlocking The Doorway to Happiness

When making a huge lifestyle change you begin to notice details about yourself you may never have before. The further along you go on your journey, the more unsettling or uncomfortable thoughts will come into focus. From my research on this topic, I see that this is a necessary part of the process, normal, and even healthy for you. This week I had a major eye-opening discovery about myself and it caught me completely off guard. I have never considered myself a judgemental person. In my book, you choose how you want to live your life and as long as its not hurting me, yourself, or anyone for that matter I say embrace your decisions. I will gladly support you in changing jobs, getting married, trying a new way of dressing because at my core I believe we are all individuals who are uniquely different with so many different ideas to share. That's what makes living everyday so much fun; if we were all the same life would be pretty boring. Well, I woke up a bit of a crank pot Tuesday

Celebrations and Quiet Reflections

I had such a wonderful weekend last week! I celebrated my 5 year anniversary with my fiance on Friday. Since we met I have been talking about getting a tattoo and he took me on Friday to bite the bullet. I was nervous, but felt like the timing was just right; I had been preparing for this weekend for a long time as we also had our engagement party last Saturday. Part of what spurred me on this lifestyle change was wanting to feel my best for all the upcoming events to celebrate my engagement and wedding. And after 4 1/2 months on Body Ecology, I can honestly say I've never felt better. The tattoo is a reminder of what inspires and moves me to be my best self. Here's what it looks like: I got a dancing fairy as it reminds me that I have wings that will take me anywhere I want to go, as long as I let them. The dancer, I believe is my true self and dance is what makes me happiest. She's my own personal reminder of Aries In Flight (my dance company) and together we will m

New Beginnings and Gluten Free/Body Ecology Chocolate Chip Cookies!

Can you believe it's September? I personally love the summer, its a great time to hit the reset button. September to me represents new beginnings and chances to start over. I'm excited for what's ahead this coming dance season; I'm ready to take the bull by the horns and have one of my most successful years creatively and career-wise. Something about the September air truly inspires my inner dreamer and I'm encouraged to believe anything is possible. It's so exciting! To continue my journey on the year of my best self, I'm beginning to delve into mind-body connection and it's relationship to health. I've started reading Mind Over Medicine: Scientific Proof That You Can Heal Yourself by Lissa Rankin, MD. I'm about a third of the way into the book and I feel like I'm learning so much already. Constant stress, overexertion, self doubt, and negative thoughts set off flight or fight responses in your body which in turn causes your body to be in