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Gratitude: Creating A Lifestyle of Love

There are few products that I use that I rave about and Yogi Tea is one of them. Without fail each teabag gives me exactly what advice I need at that moment. This morning was no exception. 

Together we can do what we can never do alone.

This had so many meanings for me on many levels this morning; Aries In Flight (my dance company), my summer job (Musical Theater Workshop LREI), my beautiful relationship with my fiance, the list goes on and on. It reminded me to be grateful for all that I have and that each of us is here to help one another grow and learn. This gentle reminder greatly turned around my mood this morning. I had a much better day because of it.

Part of my journey on the Body Ecology Diet has been learning patience and being willing to take things on step by step. I'm an overachiever, type A personality and when it comes to dealing with life I like structure, schedules, plans, back up plans, and I always have to know what is going to happen. I'm not going to lie, I can get over the top stressed quite often if I'm not looking. This usually results in a meltdown, driving my man crazy, and trying to come up with a plan to never ever let the situation happen again. When I decided to make this life change I also made a promise to myself that I would nourish my mind/soul as well and work on reducing my stress levels. BED has allowed me to find joy in cooking, given me energy to be my best every day, and has given me an overall calm that I haven't felt in my life ever. I feel I am communicating my needs better, listening to others with open ears, and have learned that it's about making the best decision you can with what you have. Nothing is perfect, but with guidelines, a flexible plan, and knowledge we can make choices that will help us achieve happiness.

I'm now 2 full months into Body Ecology and I have lots to be grateful for. Truly taking care of my health naturally was a decision I needed to make for myself. I had been seeing various doctors for years who misdiagnosed me with constant "seasonal allergies" telling me that it was normal to take prescription drugs every day, even though I wasn't really getting better. I was frustrated, gaining weight out of nowhere and fed up with pill popping. I am thankful that my mom had taken me to holistic practitioner as a child and brought me back to her last year. I'm not saying SCREW YOU MEDICINE, but for me this was the right choice. Making a well thought out, informed decision for yourself is what matters most.

To close,  here are some pictures of what I am grateful for in my life this past week. Enjoy and take a moment today to focus on what you're grateful for, smile, and enjoy your life.


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