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Random Acts of Kindness

Thursday morning I received an email from  Shake Shack thanking me for the shout out I gave them on twitter about my experience there a few weeks ago. (I blogged about it HERE). If you recall the staff at the Citi Field Location were exceptionally accommodating to my gluten-free and Body Ecology dietary needs.  I wrote them back the following:

Thanks so much! Having a wheat allergy and other various dietary restrictions often makes eating out stressful and difficult. I want to take a moment to commend you and your staff for being so friendly, accommodating, patient and sincere. I have recently had experiences eating out where the staff argues with me, is rude, and very unfriendly when it comes to dealing with special dietary needs. I'm glad to say that this was not the case at Citi Field's Shake Shack. I've been raving about your staff to everyone and will continue recommending your products and service.
Thanks again for reaching out and for providing such a great customer e…

Step By Step, Putting It Together

I've been getting the question, "Isn't it hard to do?"  a lot lately when I tell people about following The Body Ecology Diet. They often think it requires cooking all day long and endless hours at the grocery store. With my busy schedule I can tell you that is not true. Just like the book tells it's readers, you must take things step by step.

For me this lifestyle change is all about organization. In the beginning it was a little tricky to remember all the rules and make sure I had everything I needed, but now it comes second nature. The key for me is getting everything together in the beginning of the week. With my summer job schedule this is crucial (as I discovered last week when I didn't and spent every night after work cooking, not so fun). To avoid a week full of crazy nights after work I spent Sunday getting organized and here's how it went.

I decided to get all of my cooking for the week done today. So I made 2 trays of roasted veggies (one with …

Finding Quiet Moments In A Busy Week

What a week! It's been a whirlwind week full of fun, appointments, and work. I did manage to find a few quiet, relaxing moments this week. Here are some highlights:

How do you find moments to find peace in a busy week?

It's A Beautiful Morning!

I ride the Staten Island Ferry to work every morning during the summer. I never used to consider myself a morning person and in previous years have used my 30 minute boat ride to snooze. Since starting on The Body Ecology Diet that has changed drastically for me. I actually enjoy the ride, am not groggy, and have been able to enjoy some spectacular views. Monday morning's commute looked like this:

Standing outside, enjoying the fresh air and sunshine, I was more energized than any cup of coffee ever promised to make me. It set a positive tone for the day and I'm grateful I was able to enjoy it.

Working on keeping a positive attitude was something I struggled with for a long time. Friends would often tell me, "you're so happy all the time, how do you do it?" I would laugh it off knowing that I was good at smiling but would go home, complain/vent to anyone who would listen, or stew the whole night. I was carrying a lot of negative energy with me and it wasn't til…

Baseball, BBQ's, & Beaches: A Week of Summer Fun!

What a whirlwind of a week! Even though I had work all week (minus July 4), I've had an amazing week full of fun. Anthony (my fiancé) started off our July 4th celebration by going to the Mets game. I took the subway there from work and was very excited!

When I arrived at Citi Field, my first thought was, ok now what am I going to have for dinner? Anthony, ever my knight in shining armor, brought me sauteed veggies and cultured veggies to eat before we went in. I remembered hearing that Shake Shack was very accommodating to allergies (not to mention uses hormone/antibiotic free beef) so I decided that would be my best option. When we got up to the counter to order, our server was more than happy to make me a plain burger gluten free, sauce free, and tomato free with extra lettuce. She even apologized for us having to wait a few minutes extra for the order (unnecessary since I was ECSTATIC that they were so nice and accommodating). Ordering out for me can be stressful at times and I…

Gratitude: Creating A Lifestyle of Love

There are few products that I use that I rave about and Yogi Tea is one of them. Without fail each teabag gives me exactly what advice I need at that moment. This morning was no exception. 
Together we can do what we can never do alone.
This had so many meanings for me on many levels this morning; Aries In Flight (my dance company), my summer job (Musical Theater Workshop LREI), my beautiful relationship with my fiance, the list goes on and on. It reminded me to be grateful for all that I have and that each of us is here to help one another grow and learn. This gentle reminder greatly turned around my mood this morning. I had a much better day because of it.
Part of my journey on the Body Ecology Diet has been learning patience and being willing to take things on step by step. I'm an overachiever, type A personality and when it comes to dealing with life I like structure, schedules, plans, back up plans, and I always have to know what is going to happen. I'm not going to lie, I…