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Pittsburgh Adventures!

What an amazing week I had! I was lucky enough to be off for an entire week (a rarity in my schedule) and was able to spend it visitin myBFF Mary in Pittsburgh. She also gave me a great excuse to visit by getting me a ticket to go with her and her cousin Michele to The Package Tour concert for my birthday. I was stoked to live out my childhood boy band fantasy and celebrate her little one's 1st Birthday!

Now I know what you're thinking, what is that you're drinking? I made a decision before I left for Pittsburgh that I was going to stay strictly on Body Ecology no matter what. So at the concert I stuck to sparkling water and lime and honestly had the best time. Keeping a bubbly drink in your hand really helps you feel like you have a special drink without going off track of your new healthy lifestyle. What's even better is you wake up with no hangover and you feel like a million bucks.

Was it hard eating while I was away? A little, but as I've said before its all about being prepared. As soon as I got to Pittsburgh I went to the grocery store and picked up several days worth of fresh produce to make sure I had viable food options at all times. I also packed a cooler with soup, cultured veggies, quinoa flakes, my Utz Organic Blue Corn chips, stevia, and seasonings so that all of my staples were on hand. Mary and I had been talking about my diet changes so it wasn't a shock when I got there and we were able to plan meals pretty easily. Eating out took a little more planning but that didn't stop us from eating burgers! At the restaurant the waiter was very accommodating and I giddily ate my burger in a lettuce wrap. The double side of broccoli threw some people for a loop but I didn't mind. I didn't feel like I missed out on anything and had a great week hanging out with my best friend :-)

So in conclusion here are my tips for staying on track when traveling out of town:
  1. Be prepared: Make a decision before you go that you will stick to your healthy habits and get yourself organized so that you can easily make good choices. When you are mentally prepared, making decisions is easier. 
  2. Have your staples on hand: Pack what you can in your travel bags and make sure the grocery store or local market is one of your first stops when you arrive at your destination. If you have good choices in front of you and easy to grab, you're more likely to stick with it.
  3. Communication is key: If you are visiting friends, talk with them beforehand about your new dietary needs and lifestyle choices. They may ask questions which is normal but once they understand what you're doing the easier making plans to go out is. This same rule applies to eating out at restaurants; tell your waiter ahead of time and don't be afraid to be very specific about your dietary needs or to ask questions. As I said last week, be confident in your choices!
What's your trick for staying on track while away?


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