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Mother's Day Celebration and Festivities

This was my first holiday gathering since starting The Body Ecology Diet  (aka BED). I wasn't about to let my new lifestyle change how I felt about celebrating. Was it stressful to think about refusing alcoholic drinks and baked goods? Yes, but thank to my wonderful fiance, I was able to easily push through, feel good about my decisions, and enjoy myself.  And you know what? I didn't feel like I was missing out and I didn't feel tired or bloated (two of my major symptoms). How did I make it work? My sister in law/bff from high school asked everyone to make things so I made Broccoli Fennel Soup, 2 Fritatas, and a yummy tossed salad with a homemade dressing. Here's what the whole spread looked like:
(The soup was on the stove and the salad on the side table)

Here are the recipes I used today:

Ingredients (Makes 2):  5 eggs, (4 separated, 1 whole)
                   2 large handfuls of arugula
                   1/2 large onion
                   3-4 garlic cloves
                   Sea Salt, pepper, herbs to taste
Putting It Together:
1. Saute onions and garlic in unrefined oil of choice, butter or ghee. Add herbs and pepper to taste
2. Add arugula and let wilt (about 2 minutes)
3. Separate Veggies into 2 pans
4. In one pan add 4 egg whites to cover; for the 2nd fritata whisk 4 egg yolks plus 1 whole egg and add to veggies. Cook covered on stove top covered till eggs set. Sprinkle with Sea Salt and serve!

Mother's Day Salad
Ingredients: 1 bag mixed greens
                    1/2 red onion chopped
                    2 large carrots chopped (or a large handful of baby carrots chopped)
                    1 medium red pepper
Put all ingredients into a salad bowl and enjoy!

Salad Dressing: 1/3 cup pure extra virgin olive oil
                          1/3 cup plus an extra swig unpasteurized apple cider vinegar with mother
                          3-4 garlic cloves
                          Salt, pepper, parsley to taste
Combine, shake and enjoy!

Broccoli Fennel Soup (From the BED recipe section of the book)
Ingredients: 1 large head of broccoli (separate florets and stems)
                  1 large onion chopped
                  4-6 garlic cloves chopped
                  1 tablespoon organic unrefined coconut oil, ghee, or butter
                  Feathery tops from 1 bulb of fresh fennel (I used the whole bulb this time)
                  Ground Fennel seed, 1 teaspoon or more to taste
                  Sea Salt to taste
                  6 cups water
                  Garnish ideas: Scallions, parsley, sliced red peppers
Putting It Together:
1. Remove tough outside layer of broccoli peel from stems and chop (remove any woody pieces)
2. Saute onion, garlic, and ground fennel seed in oil, butter or ghee until onion is translucent (add fennel bulb if using)
3. Add broccoli stems and florets. Add fennel feathery tops and water. Simmer until veggies are tender (about 20 minutes)
4. Puree mixture in a blender for several minutes until smooth (you will probably have to do this in batches, I keep a second pot out to dump each blended batch in).
5. Return blended mixture to pot and simmer 10 more minutes. Adjust seasonings and add salt. Garnish as you like!

The soup and salad were both big hits! Everyone was asking for the recipe and I got to enjoy great food. So cheers to my Mother, Nana, God Mother, future Mother in Law, and all the other mothers in my life! Focus on the positive and you can't go wrong.


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