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Happy Memorial Day!

Despite the unusually cold weather this weekend, I have really enjoyed having more than one day in a row off! It's been fun relaxing and not having a strict schedule to follow for a few days. Plus its nice to spend some quality time with my fiance ;-)

The anticipation of the holiday weekend set off some crazy cravings for me this week. When you think of a holiday you see icecream, fried foods, chips and dip, basically anything that is considered junk. And usually you say its ok because its a once in a while thing, which is fine. However, I made a commitment to stay strictly on the Body Ecology Diet till my engagement party in September so armed with creativity, Pinterest, and my BED book I prepared to make some fun meals and snacks for the weekend festivities. I have to say Pinterest has really been a life saver when it comes to finding recipe ideas. Most aren't completely BED friendly but with a few adjustments, its easy to make a fun and delicious meal. Here are my favorites…

A Soul Searching Kind of Week

This past week was a busy one; NY Dance Parade, recital meetings, and a little soul searching. With this new diet I've become hyper aware of my moods and how my body is talking to me and I realized a few things needed a little refinement. Physically and mentally I've been feeling great but I felt like I was missing or forgetting something. On my commute Tuesday I started scrolling though my iBooks and saw an e-book that I received about 4 months ago. It was from Kiner Enterprises, a dance coaching company that helps dancers market and brand themselves. The owner Ashani Mfuko is constantly posting inspirational messages on Facebook that I believe apply to everyone not just dancers. Anyway, back to her e-book. I took some time to read it through and it really helped me refocus my energy on what I want to be doing. I know that I want to be teaching more master classes, choreographing more, and not just settle teaching in dance studio for kids (which I don't mind, most days I …

Makeover and Cooking Fun!

I am so grateful for the overwhelming sense of happiness I'm feeling this week. Since starting on the Body Ecology Diet one week ago I have noticed a huge difference in my energy levels and feel much more relaxed in general. My seasonal allergies have almost completely cleared up. I'm also sleeping much better (I have slept straight through the last 4 nights which is highly unusual for me). I'm almost tempted to say I've become a morning person but only because when I wake up I don't feel like I'm in a fog.  I've also lost 5 1/2 pounds which is a nice bonus :-)

Today I felt like being pampered and left early for work so I could go to my favorite MAC cosmetics location on Bleecker Street and get a makeover. A little over 4 years ago my fiance treated me to a MAC makeover for Christmas and since then I have been hooked. (NOTE: MAC gives free makeovers, my fiance just happened to buy everything they used on me that day so I could keep up the look. If you haven…

Mother's Day Celebration and Festivities

This was my first holiday gathering since starting The Body Ecology Diet  (aka BED). I wasn't about to let my new lifestyle change how I felt about celebrating. Was it stressful to think about refusing alcoholic drinks and baked goods? Yes, but thank to my wonderful fiance, I was able to easily push through, feel good about my decisions, and enjoy myself.  And you know what? I didn't feel like I was missing out and I didn't feel tired or bloated (two of my major symptoms). How did I make it work? My sister in law/bff from high school asked everyone to make things so I made Broccoli Fennel Soup, 2 Fritatas, and a yummy tossed salad with a homemade dressing. Here's what the whole spread looked like:
(The soup was on the stove and the salad on the side table)
Here are the recipes I used today:
Fritatas: Ingredients (Makes 2):  5 eggs, (4 separated, 1 whole)                    2 large handfuls of arugula                    1/2 large onion                    3-4 garlic cloves …

Hey, I really can cook!

So we're officially on day 5 of Body Ecology. Some things I've discovered:

1. Kale chips are delicious!
2. Eating all alkaline vegetarian meals for 3 days makes you hungry (I feel like I'm eating all day!)
3. I actually can cook and creatively at that :-)

I will admit Wednesday night was rough; I was exhausted and had a bad headache but I believe most of that was from teaching late Tuesday night, not necessarily from the diet change. On a positive note I've dropped 4 pounds and I'm definitely less bloated. Here we come skinny jeans! This week I've been looking into recipes a lot. The book does come with a plethora of recipes (I'm loving the broccoli fennel soup and the harvest soup)but I wanted to see what creative things are out there. So I looked back at my Pinterest page and did some searching. I found this recipe for a Mexican Pizza and got thinking back to when I made a cauliflower crust a few months back. Now, this recipe looks delicious but as I'…

Starting Anew: My Journey to Be My Best Self

It's been a while since I last blogged and much has happened. It's been a whirlwind of a year so far. I've gotten engaged to the love of my life, started a dance company, and my dance education career has really taken off. I have so much to be grateful for and am actively taking steps to keep my life positive and happy. One of the biggest changes I've made is becoming more in tune with what I put in my body. After re-discovering my wheat allergy last summer and eliminating prescription and over the counter allergy meds I've noticed a huge change in my temperament. I feel like a fog has been lifted, my weight is stabilizing, I'm less bloated and somewhat less tired. I recently read The Body Ecology Diet and have decided to make a lifestyle change and go for it. This book stresses mental and physical health through proper digestion and food intake making you look and feel better from the inside out. If you feel like life is overwhelming at times, have trouble w…