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Hurricane Sandy, How you can help Staten Island

I was lucky enough to only lose power in this storm. My home of Staten Island has been ravaged leaving many people in my life homeless, without power or gas, and some have even lost their lives. I have never experienced such disaster in my lifetime and never thought something like this could happen. In spite of all this devastation I have seen the community band together to support one another and rebuild our beloved home. This experience has put so much in perspective for me. I am dedicating this post to informing people of ways they can help with the disaster relief on Staten Island.

If you are able to get to Staten Island, here are some places looking for volunteers and help: From Our Lady Queen of Peace School in New Dorp: Unfortunately,Our Lady Queen of Peace School still does not have electricity or phone service. An IRIS alert will go out on Sunday regarding school on Monday. I have personally visited New Dorp Beach and spoken to many of our parents who were severly impacted by the storm. The following is desperately in need: New socks- children and adult; New underwear- any size Coats and gloves Blankets and comforters Pillows Jugs of Water Large Garbage Bags Any monetary donation. FA Treasurer Jennifer Parsons has kindly offered her garage for drop off of the above items since the school is still without power. Her address is 227 Park Street, Staten Island, New York 10306. Her phone number is 718.667.0027 or 718.702.3384. We are also looking to form "crews" that will help our families clean up on an "as needed" basis after the destruction of Hurricane Sandy. Please email the Family Association at Please leave your name a! nd contact numbers in order to be contacted. Any questions please call JodiAnn Capobianco at 718.477.1108 or 917.991.6434.

From Our Lady Help of Christians in Tottenville: Hurricane Sandy has hit Staten Island and Tottenville very badly. The parishioners of OLHC have banded together and there is an outpouring of support and volunteerism. Anyone who wishes to make financial donations to our brothers and sist ers in distress or to the funeral arrangements of George and Angela Dresch, please make checks payable to OLHC, with a specific memo, Hurricane SANDY/Dresch Funeral. In addition, if anyone has temporary housing available, please contact the Rectory as their are parishioners in need of living arrangements. Thank you. The school address is 23 Summit Street Staten Island, New York 10307. This is currently operating as a collection site.

From Saint Christopher's: Please spread the word to those that have no power/internet access and are in need...... Come to St Christopher's Community center on 136 Midland Ave. We will be cooking and serving meals all day and giving out donations that we receive, starting at 10:00 am. Please come and either donate or pick up what you need. Donations of blankets, water, food, etc are all needed (please hold off on bringing clothes until after Tuesday) We feel very blessed for what we didn't lose and need to help those that lost so much. So please help. Thank you.

From Susan Wagner High School: Here is todays' situation at Wagner HS: 1) Donations: Please STOP bringing donations of clothes, toys, etc. to the school. We have run out of space to store it. The only items that are needed are socks, and underwear (in their original package), as well as things like baby wipes and diapers- including adult diapers. Donations of ready to eat food for evacuees and the volunteers are okay as well. 2) More on donations: Some people have asked me about mailing donations of stuff. Again, no as there is no room to store it. If you are outside of Staten Island and want to help, make a donation to a local charity that is assisting victims. The Stephen Siller Tunnel to Towers Foundation has set up a fund for monetary donations. Go to this link: to make a donation. 3) For current students: As of this moment, NYC schools are scheduled to reopen on Monday. As Wagner HS is still being used as an evacuation center, that could change. That decision is in the hands of the Chancellor. As soon as we get word, which might not come until Sunday night, I'll post it here and it will be posted on the school website, 4) Volunteers: If you are over 18 and want to volunteer at Wagner, you need to go to the school to find out if you are needed. Also, there is a volunteer effort to help clean up the damage being organized by Assemblywoman Nicole Malliotakis. The Advance has more information at

Relief Centers in Staten Island: Today FEMA established two disaster relief locations on Staten Island. FEMA is providing food, water and supplies from a relief location at Miller Field in Dorp. A second center is being established at Mount Loretto in Pleasant Plains. Any Staten Island resident in need of assistance can call 1-800-621-FEMA (3362) or contact FEMA via this link: Today FEMA Deputy Administrator Richard Serino traveled with Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano to Staten Island to meet with officials about response and recovery efforts, reports Unfortunately, without access to the Internet, many Staten Island residents do not realize help has already arrived. If you are a Staten Island resident with access to the Internet and come across this information, please pass it along. LINKS:

Please share this information with anyone who needs help or wants to volunteer.


  1. This just in from a facebook friend for tomorrow (Saturday Nov. 3): for those that would like to help with cleanup tomorrow, everyone meeting at miller field at 9am. bring shovels, work gloves, garbage bags.

  2. Also check out this facebook page for more updates


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