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Hurricane Sandy, How you can help Staten Island

I was lucky enough to only lose power in this storm. My home of Staten Island has been ravaged leaving many people in my life homeless, without power or gas, and some have even lost their lives. I have never experienced such disaster in my lifetime and never thought something like this could happen. In spite of all this devastation I have seen the community band together to support one another and rebuild our beloved home. This experience has put so much in perspective for me. I am dedicating this post to informing people of ways they can help with the disaster relief on Staten Island.

If you are able to get to Staten Island, here are some places looking for volunteers and help: From Our Lady Queen of Peace School in New Dorp: Unfortunately,Our Lady Queen of Peace School still does not have electricity or phone service. An IRIS alert will go out on Sunday regarding school on Monday. I have personally visited New Dorp Beach and spoken to many of our parents who were severly impac…

Finding the Sunshine In The Rain

I will admit, today was one of those days where the rain, cold air, and overall grey and gloomy sky brought about some negative energy. I started to feel anxious and sad and really was setting myself up for a bad day. It's days like this where it takes all the energy I can muster to bust through the doom and gloom and find ways to see the sunshine in the rain. Today it was remembering some positive advice from wise friends.

Show up, tell the truth, let go. ~ Carol Schuberg, Choreographer

Remember to live in the moment. You can't change the past and don't worry about the future. Worrying about a possible event is living in fear. Have a fearless day. ~ Anthony Mancuso, Life Coach

To be great, feel great and act great. ~ Yogi Tea

And when all else fails, I find pictures that remind me of happiness. Here is mine for today.