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Sunny Days, Tomatoes, and Friends

It was nice to relax this weekend; it actually felt like a 3 day weekend! Friday was a beautiful sunny day with an easy breeze. Anthony and I spent the day at Point Pleasant Beach soaking up the sun, swimming in the ocean, and a delightful lunch at The Tiki Bar. The water was warm and calm; it almost reminded me of my days on the Carribbean Sea. All day felt like a Saturday; the only thing missing were the huge crowds of people swarming the Boardwalk. Once we finished our beach adventure, we took a trip to Delicious Orchards for flowers and the biggest, reddest tomatoes I've seen in a long time. All in all it was a blissful day and recharged my battery.

Friday night was spent at the Buddha Lounge sipping cocktails with Mary and Frank who were in town to celebrate Frank's Birthday. The night was filled with laughter, great stories, and talk of one day living in the same city :-)

Saturday morning was spent at the Marina at Gateway Park. What a view!

Nothing beats a sunny Saturday morning watching boats sail through the harbor. It makes you forget that you are just around the corner from your house.

This weekend reminded me that there is beauty waiting for you just outside your door if you just take a moment to slow down and take a look. We all need a day or two to recharge our batteries, catch up with friends, find really red yummy tomatoes, and enjoy the view. If you see positivity around you, you will be happy.

Yogi Tea Quote of the Evening: Practice kindness, compassion, and caring.


  1. Beautiful post, Cat! I love your Gateway picture. I actually took some pictures at the marina on Friday. I will post them as well :)


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