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Come On Irene

Mother Nature is definitely making herself known this week; an earthquake, a hurricane, flooding; what a weekend! I did a little (ok, maybe a lot) of worrying this weekend; it's not something I like to do but between the evacuation at the beach, police sirens, and non-stop news coverage of the "bad things to come" I let it get to me. I let all my stress get to me and I ended up with a very sore and stiff neck. I think some serious yoga is in my future today. Upon some deep reflection this morning, I was able to think back to Friday afternoon at the beach. Look at how beautiful it was! Mother Nature may be on a rampage, but look at how calm and effervescent the landscape looked. You would never think that a hurricane was coming looking at these. It really was a gorgeous day of piƱa coladas, sun, bbq, and relaxing on the beach. Even Friday night the sky was enveloped by pinks,golds, and blues creating a calming picture. So today instead of complaining, let'

Just a State of Mind

To be great, feel great and act great.~ Yogi Tea I found this quote to be so fitting as I sat and sipped my Detox Yogi Tea last night. Here I am drinking detox to flush out the toxins and my tea is telling me to just feel and act great and I will be great. I believe that your state of mind and life perspective truly compose 3/4 of how you feel. Sure, eating right, sleeping, and exercising help, however your mental state can make or break your day. I took this picture while riding the ferry home last week. The way the light was shining through the clouds made me smile. It reminded me that even when we're tired or not feeling great, if we let a little bit of positivity shine through we can feel better. Remember, it's all about your state of mind :-) What do you do to feel great?

Keeping it Zen

Appreciate yourself and honor your soul. ~Yogi Tea If we all did this, how much happier would the world be? Sometimes we spend so much time worrying about what others think, how they feel, what they want, or what they do that we forget to take care of ourselves. For me, this means remembering to take a moment to slow down and know that it's ok to relax. Today that meant going to the beach, having an awesome lunch at Tiki Bar, and enjoying the sunshine. Tranquility is the essence of life. ~Yogi Tea This philosophy goes hand in hand with appreciating yourself and honoring your soul. It all goes back to valuing your personal worth and truly being happy with yourself. Don't surround yourself with useless chaos, drama, and others problems; these are just cancer-like cells waiting to consume your body and kill your spirit. We are all looking for quick fixes on how to be happier, healthier, and content. My prescription is the following: Sleep in at leas

Sunny Days, Tomatoes, and Friends

It was nice to relax this weekend; it actually felt like a 3 day weekend! Friday was a beautiful sunny day with an easy breeze. Anthony and I spent the day at Point Pleasant Beach soaking up the sun, swimming in the ocean, and a delightful lunch at The Tiki Bar. The water was warm and calm; it almost reminded me of my days on the Carribbean Sea. All day felt like a Saturday; the only thing missing were the huge crowds of people swarming the Boardwalk. Once we finished our beach adventure, we took a trip to Delicious Orchards for flowers and the biggest, reddest tomatoes I've seen in a long time. All in all it was a blissful day and recharged my battery. Friday night was spent at the Buddha Lounge sipping cocktails with Mary and Frank who were in town to celebrate Frank's Birthday. The night was filled with laughter, great stories, and talk of one day living in the same city :-) Saturday morning was spent at the Marina at Gateway Park. What a view! Nothing be


Hello and welcome to my blog! I am starting this to share the everyday adventures and happenings I encounter as an artist in NYC. It's a wonderful place and everyday I do my best to look for positive, inspiring energy. Yes, it can be difficult at times but I have recently discovered that if you think positive and emote positive energy, it's easy to stay happy and creative :-) Yesterday I spent 2 hours in the dance studio playing around with new choreography for a piece I am creating for NYU's Fall Dance Concert. It was a lot of fun to let loose and play with the story line. I went into the rehearsal thinking I was going to use Too Darn Hot (from Kiss Me Kate written by Cole Porter), however after a little bit of playing I began having a dance party to the Pulp Fiction Soundtrack. It was a pleasant surprise and I'm excited to see where it leads. Lesson of the night: keep your options open and fun will ensue. Yogi Tea Quote of the Evening: Gratitude is the open doo